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Mr Lynch has been Principal of Hills International College since 2010, and CEO of HIC Ltd since 2020. Overall, Mr Lynch has been involved in education for 43 years, as a Mathematics Teacher, Head of Mathematics, Head of House and Head of Year, and as Director of Studies. His skills and experiences across a number of senior leadership positions in the areas of Academic and Pastoral Care has prepared him m88 casino reviewwell for the challenges of Principal of an independent school.

As a boy from the western suburbs of Sydney, Mr Lynch has an affinity and understanding of the family demographic of the Hills College community. Mr Lynch’s family placed a high degree of importance on the value of a sound education, as well as the benefits of further academic pursuits, sport, membership in community groups, and hobbies necessary for a well-balanced life.

Mr Lynch has a gained a strong reputation of inspirational leadership, noted by small staff turnover, growing enrolment numbers, and the College’s expanding reputation as the premier institution in the area. He has guided the College through a Master Planning exercise, with a large number of building projects commencing in 2024 and continuing into the near future.

Mr Lynch will be retiring at the end of this year. The future of Hills College is bright and has been well positioned for Mr Lynch’s replacement in 2025.

Kevin Lynch - Principal


Bachelor of Education (UNE)
Bachelor of Teaching (UNE)

Mr Noel is a highly skilled and effective leader with over 20 years of experience in education. He has worked internationally as well as in co-educational and all-boys schools in New South Wales and Queensland.

Mr Noel has held numerous positions before becoming Head of Primary at Hills International College in 2020, including Leading Teacher and Middle Management posts as well as a variety of classroom teaching roles.

Mr Noel is highly energetic, engaging, and empathetic in his role. He sees a positive connection as a pivotal part of his responsibility and prioritises M88 Online Live Casinoeffective relationship building amongst staff, students, and families within the Primary School. Mr Noel is responsive, sensitive, and timely in his response to concerns and takes great pride in celebrating student success. As the Head of Primary, he is responsible for the operation, development, and organisation of the Primary School under the direction of the College Principal.

Mr Noel is a lifelong learner and is committed to building his professional and leadership abilities. He has led Action Research Groups through ISQ and is a member of IPSHA QLD.

Matt Noel - Head of Primary


Masters of Education (Leadership and Administration)
Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary)
Bachelor of Arts

Mr Pope has been a teacher for 25 years, starting his career in Japan. He returned to Australia in 2001, and has worked at Hills International College for most of the years since. Mr Pope has an abiding interest in student and staff Wellbeing, and has a history of leadership in both state and independent school settings, becoming Deputy Principal at Hills in 2008. Since that time, he has served as a Head of Wellbeing, Deputy Principal, and Acting Principal role. Overall, Mr Pope has been at Hills for 20 years, and both his children attended the College.

Mr Pope enjoys Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), and scale modelling. Mr Pope grew up in the local area, and has a deep connection with the community and lifestyle of Logan and the Scenic Rim.

Mr Pope’s wife, Dr Julia Pope, is the Head of Arts at Hills, and both of his sons work and volunteer at the College as they undertake their own journeys M88 Online Live Casinotoward graduating as teachers.

Mr Pope’s regular position as Head of Wellbeing is the first of its kind in the College. He was also responsible for navigating the College’s transition to a 1:1 device framework in 2015, and has been instrumental in developing the College’s International Student legislative compliance in 2007. Mr Pope is currently leading the development of our elite Volleyball Academy.

Ben Pope - Head of Wellbeing


Bachelor of Education - Secondary
Bachelor of Teaching - Primary

Mrs Skelton is a dedicated educator with a passion for fostering academic excellence and personal growth in secondary students. With over forty-two years of experience in the field of both primary and secondary education at a domestic and international level, Mrs Skelton is committed to creating inclusive learning environments where all students can thrive. Her expertise in curriculum development, differentiated instruction, assessment and evaluation, are well noted.

Throughout her career, Mrs Skelton has held various roles in secondary education, including learning environment teacher, faculty head, curriculum coordinator, Principal and Deputy, as well as many roles within the International Baccalaureate in three of the four programs offered. Mrs Skelton brings a wealth of experience to her role as an educational leader in international and domestic settings.

She is a visionary leader with a proven track record of success in navigating the complexities of education within an international context. With extensive experience spanning countries and cultures, Mrs Skelton excels in fostering collaboration, driving innovation and m88 sports bettingpromoting excellence in education on a global scale. Mrs Skelton has worked in diverse environments, including in international schools in both Principal and Deputy Principal roles, on bilingual programs as well as an educational NGO. Her deep understanding of global education trends and her ability to navigate culture is evident in her practice.

With Mrs Skelton's leadership and expertise, the secondary division of the College is poised to provide students with a high-quality education that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the future. She is known for her innovative teaching methods across a variety of disciplines and is dedicated to student success.

When Mrs Skelton is not at the College, she enjoys playing a variety of sports, walking, playing musical instruments and being an active family member.

Julie-Anne Skelton - Head of Secondary


Master of Education (Special Education)
Bachelor of Education (Primary and Middle School)

Mr Ablitt is an experienced educator and academic leader who currently serves on the College's Executive Leadership Team as Deputy Head of Primary and Head of IB Programs, overseeing the primary teaching and learning program, Primary Years Programme (PYP), and is the Principal’s Delegate for Inclusive Education. With over 13 years of experience in education, he has established himself as a skilled administrator, dedicated teacher, and inspirational leader.

Beginning his career as a primary school teacher, Mr Ablitt developed a passion for working with young learners and helping them acquire the necessary skills and m88 sports bettingknowledge to succeed. Over time, he has refined his teaching abilities and excelled at designing and implementing engaging and challenging curricula tailored to individual students' needs.

Throughout his professional journey, Mr Ablitt has demonstrated a commitment to ongoing development, actively seeking opportunities to enhance his skills and knowledge. He has participated in and led various Action Research projects through Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) and is a member of the Australian College of Educational Leaders. In 2023, Mr Ablitt served as Network Chair for the Queensland PYP Network and continues to works closely with member schools to strengthen partnerships and enhance opportunities for professional development between schools.

Stuart Ablitt - Deputy Head of Primary / Head of IB Programs


Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics
Graduate Certificate of Applied Linguistics
Diploma of Education
Bachelor of Arts

Mrs Newbery has been teaching at Hills International College since 2012, and has been Director of Studies in Hills Language College for over eight years. She is now part of the College Executive team in her role as Head of International Programs.

Before joining Hills, Mrs Newbery worked around Australia and overseas in ELICOS, AMEP and LOTE (French) teaching roles. She has travelled extensively through Europe and Asia, enhancing her international understanding and perspective.

Transition and support were her two main objectives when joining Hills Language College, and together with her teachers and the Hills community, she is working towards achieving these goals despite global and local challenges.

Mrs Newbery also facilitates the Hills Homestay Program. She is an active member of the College Wellbeing Team, and coordinates the College's Culture Club.

Mrs Newbery is a certified NEAS Master Practitioner and member of the NEAS High School Preparation Community of Practice. She is involved in state and national networking with other schools to ensure best practice for international students at not only Hills International College, but also Australia.

Vanessa Newbery - Head of International Programs